22 04 2018 TurkeyThe success or failure of a system – speaking in terms of governmental institutions to individual firms and leaders - depends on understanding of how and why things happen and on accurately predicting of the situations in a short and most importantly - long-term period.

Today, every decision-making process is based on a kind of prognosis, because forecasting trends and circumstances are no longer a "luxury attribute" of governance, but a necessity - if management or leaders want to achieve any success.

However, one of the main issues they face - the understanding of the environment and its processes is not equivalent to the creation of realistic predictions. The daily practice proves that there is no political or business leader capable to predict accurately the events even for some months ahead. What they need is forecasting, which is not only accurate, but also useful in a broader social context, that is to enable them to take decisions on complex problems and issues arising from more than one area or sphere.

One of the main goals of the DSRC is the creation of reasonable and accurate long-term prognoses with a highest degree of confirmation by the real life.
DSRC’s “Turkey after the referendum - situation, variants for possible development and first steps of president Erdogan” published April 2017 as a premium content is open now.

It’s up to you to decide where were we "wrong" and "right" - "Turkey after the referendum - situation, options for development and first steps of President Erdogan".
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