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Georgi Rachev


The past two years have been election time for the countries in the Western Balkans. How much would this fact change the situation, and would it help for speeding up the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of the countries in this region improving respectively their security? Is it possible for the political power rearrangement to increase the Russian influence and to distract the countries from the EU? To what degree could the Bulgarian interests in the region be affected?

Serbia is an EU candidate country, but so far it has definitely refused to join NATO. Worries lie in its close relations with Russia and in its foreign policy, which is contrary to the EU requirements. Is Belgrade an instrument of Russian interests in the region; and can it be regarded as the Moscow Trojan Horse in EU?

Macedonia, our south-west neighbor, has a new government, and for the time being, it has declared to stick to a policy which will differ from the former nationalistic rhetoric of ВМРО-ДПМНЕ. Is there an opportunity for advancement in European integration, and would this process assist the development of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria?

The “new” old governments of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo have remained in power thanks to the nationalistic slogans raised during the election times. After the electorate support, will these governments meet the EU membership requirements? Is there a danger of reshaping the borders in Western Balkans? Does the radical Islam present a threat, and should terrorist attacks similar to those in Europe be expected?


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