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National Security National security is a dynamic system that encompasses all the spheres of life. It is influenced by many factors - demographic, socio-political, economic, cultural, etc. The united formulation, planning, implementation and control of the national security policy by state institutions and citizens, civil society and their organizations is of crucial importance.
Competitive Analysis The success or the decline of a system (organization) – a state or firm, or even a person depends on the knowledge of the environment in which it exists and functions, of “the enemies” (competitors) and on the precise short and/or long term situational prognosis. The most powerful tool for the leaders here is the competitive analysis/intelligence.
International Relations Nowadays, the nature of international relations is very complex and comprehensive. They acquire more and more interconnected and influencing each other components. The issues and the policies in bordering and overlapping areas are of the first priority and in the focus of DSRC work.
Terrorism Terrorism has become one of the most acute problems in the sphere of international relations, posing a serious threat to national security. DSRC researches and analysis on terrorism and fight against it provide a significant contribution to the process of formulation and implementation of the policies of state institutions and business.

In this big and globalizing world, nothing is big enough or global only when we talk about the security - Angel Naydenov.

This understanding predetermines the large scope of DSRC researches and analysis. From the analyzing regulatory documents and policies in the field of national security to the hot topics of the international relations and terrorism, which from the subject of experts’ interest only is increasingly becoming a "scourge of everyday life" for more and more people.

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