People inside the organization

A group of professionals guided by the desire to tell the truth to those who would like to hear it, united in a non-governmental and non-partisan organization – Defence and Security Research Center.

Using their knowledge, expertise and experience, through research and analysis, they contribute to the making our world more conflict-free and peaceful, a world where everyone can feel secure and at home.

We are tempted to think that DSRC researches and analyzes would have an impact not only on Bulgaria but also beyond its borders - security, defense, competitiveness, terrorism. The main portion of our work is for the benefit of public or private customers (donors).

The Road Ahead

The DSRC goal is simple but comprehensive: On the basis of the best available information by impartial and objective assessments to create qualitative products which help the decisionmakers in the best possible way.
The problems of "great politics" are increasingly influencing business and everyday life of each family, of everyone - terrorism, migration, defense - special spheres where a qualitative and objective assessment and/or forecast could be in favor of many and different groups.
Sounds familiar, right? Probably, but as you know “The devil is in the detail”. DSRC draws its attention from a narrow and very special sphere to interconnected, overlapping and interdependent areas with a very wide scope.


How Does DSRC Work

The teams working in DSRC projects are not static. They are assembled on case by case basis after careful consideration of the specific features and needs of every single project thus ensuring the exposure of many different perspectives.


How often do you hear “Why didn’t you tell me?!” Our researches and analysis though difficult, place the objectivity first, no matter who is funding (sponsoring) them – our ambition is the products to be free from commercial, political, ideological influence.

"Defence and Security Research Center" is non-governetal organization registred in the Republic of Bulgaria. If you wish to support our activities, please use:

BULSTAT: 177161138

Bank account: BG39UNCR70001522; IBAN 930893; BIC: UNCRBGSF; Holder: ЦИОС

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