National security
Национална сигурност

Bulgaria's National Security Strategy is an underlying document for the agreed formulation, planning, implementation, coordination and control of the national security policy as pursued by the institutions of the State in collaboration with the citizens and the civil society organization.

The national security policy of the Republic of Bulgaria rests on the values of democracy, the national culture, human and civil rights, equal opportunities for self-fulfillment, the Constitution of Bulgaria and the underlying acts that guarantee international security.

Following Bulgaria's accession to NATO and to the European Union (EU), the country's security strategy was no longer confined to the national dimension and was incorporated into our allies' efforts. The risks and threats to the security of the Republic of Bulgaria and of its citizens are largely identical with or similar to what the EU and NATO member countries face.

Peace, security, development and prosperity are interdependent more than ever before. The security context is assuming special importance for developments within the society and the life of citizens. The interdependence of personal, national and international security is growing.

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