Today the terrorism is one of the main and special features of the international community. In last decades, it has become one of the most acute problems in the field of international relations, spreading increasingly globally and practically encompassing the whole planet - revealing itself both in areas of international and internal conflicts, as well as in until recently considered as "peaceful" states in Europe and North America.

At the same time, terrorism poses a serious threat to the security of individual countries. Every year there are thousands of terrorist attacks in the world, the victims of which are not only the thousands killed, injured and their loved ones, but also whole nations - forced to change their traditional way of life, to curb the democratic rights and freedoms of their citizens.

Unfortunately, terrorism today is one of the "weapons" used by many politicians, parties, organizations and even states by which they try to solve national, regional and global problems.

DSRC experts have great experience in terrorism researches, counter- and anti-terrorism, and their work can be helpful both in formulating the policy and activities of state institutions and for the business also.

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