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Georgi Rachev


The past two years have been election time for the countries in the Western Balkans. How much would this fact change the situation, and would it help for speeding up the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of the countries in this region improving respectively their security? Is it possible for the political power rearrangement to increase the Russian influence and to distract the countries from the EU? To what degree could the Bulgarian interests in the region be affected?

“Competitive analysis” program team

Turkey is currently in a "post-Kemalist" era, and the deepening economic, financial and political crisis can hardly be overcome. The disputed results of the referendum further deepened the polarization and confrontation in Turkish society.

With the amendments to the Turkish constitution, a transition from the present parliamentary to a presidential form of government has began in Turkey while during the process the separation of powers was largely being dismantled. President Recep Erdogan concentrates all the power, increases his influence on political life and his control over the judiciary. The replacement of traditional state institutions and of the links between them with new ones is underway.

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